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International Letter Writing Week 1996 Commemorative Stamps

International Letter Writing Week 1996 Commemorative Stamps

International Letter Writing Week 1996 Commemorative Stamps Souvenir Sheet.
Souvenir Sheet

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 Issue Name :

International Letter Writing Week 1996 Commemorative Stamps

 Issue Date : 1996-10-06
 Perforation : 13.5
 Denomination : 3.00 Baht, 3.00 Baht , 9.00 Baht , 9.00 Baht
 Details :      The International Letter Writing Week has been organized in accordance with the consensus of the 14th conference of the the Universal Postal Union held in August, 1957 at Ottawa, Canada. The agreement had it that all member contries organize a Letter Writing Week during the week of October 9 of every year to commemorate an important day in the history of the Universal Postal Union, October, 1874, the day when member countries signed the first Universal Postal Union Convention at Bern, Switzerland. The objective of the Convention is to promote domestic and international correspondence, regardless of nationality or political differences of the countries of the correspondents, as its adhere to the principle that once a good understanding has been reached, interpersonal and international relationship will ideally lead to world peace.
     Being a member of the Universal Postal Union, Thailand has organized its International Letter Writing Week every year since 1959. This is the 38th year that the Communications Authority of Thailand has issued commemorative stamps for the International Writing Week. The event is aimed at promoting Thai art and culture, which reflect the uniqueness of our nation. These stamps mirror great Thai values that come from Thai literature and culture so admirably created and fostered by our ancestors.

The Ramakien - Design 1
     The Ramakien is a famous literary classical which appears in different versions by different poets. Of these, King Rama I is considered by the Department of Fine Arts, to be the most complete in content. The Ramakien is a variant of The Ramayana. Hindu epic scriptures, are chanted during religious rites. With the Indians' arrival in Indochina to extend the sphere of their civilization, the theme of the epic became widely known in the peninsula, including Thailand, as well as in Malaysia and Java.
     The postage stamp depicts the episode of Rama pursuing the magic deer. Dosakan (Ravana), the demon king, informed by his sister Samanakkha of Sita's unsurpassed beauty, is so infatuated with her that he wants her as his consort. He then orders the demon Marees, his nephew, to transform himself into golden deer and seduce Phra Ram (Rama) and Phra Lak (Lakshamana) from their hermitage so that Dosakan (Ravana) can abduct Sita to the city of Lonka.

Inao - Design 2
     Written by King Rama II, Inao was hailed by the authoritative Literature Club in 1916 as the greatest of lyrics for dance plays, both in terms of content and suitability for theatrical performance.
     The stamp depics the episode of Inao taking Budsaba to a cave. As King Kurepan's son, Inao has been engaged to King Daha's daughter Budsaba since they were born. When they grow up, Inao refuses to marry her, thus infuriating King Daha, who then agrees to give Budsaba to Joraka, a minor ruling prince. Just at that time, another ruling prince, Kamangkuning, is waging war on the city-state of Daha. Therefore, King Kurepan orders Inao to help daha in doing battle. Having arrived in Daha, Inao sees Budsaba for the first time and immediately falls head over heels in love with her. When the war with Kamangkuning is over, King Daha holds the wedding of Budsaba and Joraka. Inao then makes secret plans to kidnap Budsaba to a cave where he can live with her as a man and wife.

Ngoh Pa - Design 3
     Written over a period of 8 days by King Rama V in 1916, Ngoh Pa originates from a story about a native tribe in Phatthalung Province. The vocabulary of the Ngoh language included in the play was provided Kanang, one of the tribesmen who become King Rama V's court attendant.
     The stamp depicts the episode of Lumhap appreciating the woods. Kanag, an orphan, asks his friend Maipai to go frolicking in the woods. They meet Sompla who teaches the two boys to shoot darts, and Maipai agrees to act as a go-between for Sompla and Lumhup, who has been engaged to Hanao.
     On the wedding day of Lamhup and Hanao, Maipai and Kanang scout out the woods so that Lumhap can safely elope with Sompla. Finally, Hanao tracks them down and fighting begins. Hanao's elder brother Lamkaeo kills Sompla with his dart. Finding Sompla dead, Lumhap commits suicide and grief-strivken Hanao kills himself also.

Madanabadha - Design 4
     Created by King Rama VI in 1923, the play Madanabadha, or the Legend of the Rose, was praised by the Literature Club as well-written, mainly because it is composed of verse patterns which require strict use of alternating short and long vowel sounds. This renders the play unique and the poet-playwright masterful.
     The stamp depicts the episode of the god Sudeshna laying a course on Madana, turning her into a rose. Sudeshna falls in love with Madana, a goddess, and asks her to reciprocate, but she refuses. Furious, Sudeshna puts her under a curse, whereby she will be reincarnated as a rose in Himawan, an earthly forest. On every fill-moon night she will resume the human form for one day. Only when she falls in love will become forever human and suffer pain inflicted by her love.

Quantity of stamps: X,000,000 pieces per design
Sheet Composition: 50 stamps per sheet

Printing Process: Photogravure, Multi-colour
Designer: N/a

Souvenir Sheet Price: 36 Baht
Quantity of S/Sheet: X00,000 Sheets

FDC Price: - Baht
Quantity of FDC: XX,000 covers
 Size : 27 x 45 mm
 Printer : Joh. Enschedé Security Printers Holland

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