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Duck Postage Stamps

Duck Postage Stamps

Duck Postage Stamps Souvenir Sheet.
Souvenir Sheet

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 Issue Name :

Duck Postage Stamps

 Issue Date : 1996-12-01
 Perforation : 13.5
 Denomination : 3.00 Baht, 3.00 Baht , 7.00 Baht , 7.00 Baht
 Details : Ducks in Thailand

     Ducks are water birds which belong to Family Anatidae. Thai Ducks fall into 3 groups: wood ducks, domesticted ducks and migratory ducks.
     Wood ducks which are native to Thailand belong to 4 species: Lesser Whistling-Ducks, Comb Ducks, Cotton Pygmy-Goose Ducks and White-winged Ducks. These wood ducks are endangered because they are hunted by man and animals of prey and suffer from ecological changes. For their survival, they have to migrate. We should join hands in conversation efforts in order to prevent them from disappearing from Thailand, otherwise, we will see them only in pictures.

Common name: Lesser Whistling-Ducks (Design 1)
Scientific name: Dendrocygna javanica (Horsfield)
     A Lesser Whistling-Ducks is a small-sized bird with long legs and long neck when compared with other ducks.
     The male and the female are alike with a chestnut body and wings, a dark chestnut cap and a black wing edge. It is a common resident of all parts of Thailand.

Common name: Comb Ducks (Design 2)
Scientific name: Sarkidiornis melanotos (Pennant)
     A Cotton Pygmy-Goose Duck is the smallest duck with a relatively short bill. In the breeding season, the male and the female will develop physical differences. Its cap is brown, and its head, neck and upperparts white. It has a black-green collar and white band at its wing edge. The female has brown band at eye level, and white eyebrows. The male is brown with white and brown upperparts. Outside the breeding season, the male resembles the female, but its wings are green with a white band at its tip. It can be found in all parts of Thailand.

Common name: Cotton Pygmy-Goose Ducks (Design 3)
Scientific name: Nettapus coromandelianus (Gmelin)
     A Comb Duck is a large-sized bird with a black bill and remarkable bronze upper wings. The male has a glossy black with blue-green and purple black, a white head and a black speckled with neck. A black band goes round the back of its neck down to its breast sides, while another goes along its tail. In flight, it shows its back and its greyish lowerparts. During the breeding season, the male will develop a growth at the top of its upper bill, which becomes larger than usual. The female is smaller and dull colored with no black and on its neck or tail. It is a resident of Bung Borapet swamp in the province of Nakhon Sawan.

Common name: White-winged Ducks(Design 4)
Scientific name: Cairina scutulata (S.Muller)
     A White-winged Duck is the largest duck in Thailand. The male and the female look alike. The base of its bill will turn red during breeding season. Its body plumage is black-green. Its white head and neck are black speckled and there is a board white band on its wings. The female is pale-colored and smaller than the male. It can be found is southern, north-eastern and south-western Thailand.

Quantity of stamps: X,000,000 pieces per design
Sheet Composition: 50 stamps per sheet

Printing Process: Photogravure, Multi-colour
Designer: N/a

Souvenir Sheet Price: 33 Baht
Quantity of S/Sheet: X00,000 Sheets

FDC Price: - Baht
Quantity of FDC: XX,000 covers
 Size : 45 x 27 mm and 27 x 45 mm
 Printer : Harrison & Sons Co., Ltd., England

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