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Anemonefish First Day Cover.

First Day Cover

Anemonefish Souvenir Sheet.
Souvenir Sheet

Anemonefish Overprinted Souvenir Sheet.

Overprinted Sheet

Anemonefish Full Sheet.

Full Sheet

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 Issue Name :


 Issue Date : 2006-06-24
 Perforation : n/a
 Denomination : 3 Baht (4 Designs)
 Details : Anemonefish, with their spectacular, colorful appearance in orange, red, black, yellow and white stripes in eye-catching, yet unique designs, are usually playful and prefer to live and move in a school. However, they are unable to survive without sea anemones. Here are a few varieties of anemonefish:

1. Clark's Anemonefish (Amphiprion clarkii Bennett) (3.00 Baht Design1) features a black trunk and yellow pectoral and caudal fins, with three white stripes at its head, trunk and tail. The fish, the largest anemonefish in Thailand, are found in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea.

2. False Clown Anemofish (Amphiprion ocellaris Cuvier) (3.00 Baht Design2) is a popular pet fish. Its trunk is orange, or brown, with 3 white stripes at its head, trunk and tail. The white stipes are lined in black. The fish are found in the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand around Losin Island in Narathiwat Province.

3. Pink Skunk Crownfish (Amphiprion perideration Bleeker) (3.00 Baht Design 3) feature a bridge, yellow and golden trunk with small white stripes from the eyes to the dorsal fin with one small white stripe at its head. The fish are found in only the Gulf of Thailand.

4. Saddleback Anemonefish (Amphiprion polymnus Linnaeus) (3.00 Baht Designm 4) features a blackish brown trunk with two white stripes behind the eyes and trunk to the dorsal fin, like a saddle. It's often found in2-30-meters-deep sea areas, where sea anemones are present on the seabed. The fish are found only in the Gulf of Thailand.

Quantity of stamps : 1,000,000 stamps
Sheet Composition : 20 stamps per sheet

Designer : Miss Mayuree Narknisorn (Thailand Post Company Limited)

Printing Process: Lithography Multi-colour

Souvenir Sheet Price : 20.00 Baht
Quantity of S/Sheet : 100,000 sheets

FDC Price : 22.00 Baht
Quantity of FDC : 13,000 covers
Designed by : Miss Mayuree Narknisorn (Thailand Post Company Limited)
 Size : 48 x 30 mm. (Horizontal-measured from perforation to perforation)
 Printer : Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand

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