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New Year 2010 Postage Stamps - Wild Flowers

New Year 2010 Postage Stamps - Wild Flowers

New Year 2010 Postage Stamps - Wild Flowers First Day Cover.

First Day Cover

New Year 2010 Postage Stamps - Wild Flowers Souvenir Sheet.
Souvenir Sheet

New Year 2010 Postage Stamps - Wild Flowers Full Sheet.

Full Sheet

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 Issue Name :

New Year 2010 Postage Stamps - Wild Flowers

 Issue Date : 2009-11-15
 Perforation : n/a
 Denomination : 3 Baht (4 Designs)
 Details : Perennial Plants of the Forest

Design1: Fai Ta Gad Grass (Drosera peltata Sm.) is an insect-eating, perennial plant which grows from an underground tuber and is 10 to 35 centimeteres high. Each spray of white flowers consists of two or three flowers. The flower branch is about 1 to 2 centimetres long. The sepals are oval in shape and the petals, also oval in shape, are 5 to 6 millimetres in length. Each flower has five staments. The pod, three millimetres in size, is in the shape of shuttle and, when mature, breaks open into three vessels.

Design2: Soa Sanom (Sonerila griffithii C.B. Clarke) is a perennial plant which is 4 to 10 centimetres in height. The main stem is sparsely covered with hair. The thin leaves usually spread along the ground. The flowers consists of three purple petals and three yellow staments. This kind of plant usually grows well in the cracked rocks found in deep forests.

Design3: Euan Hin (Cyanotis arachnoidea Wight) is a perennial plant with a succulent stem. The plant lies parallel to the ground and extends its young buds into the air. The flower ia approximately 1 centimetre in diameter and its stamen is covered with purple hair. It can be found all over the country in any wet soil that is mixed with sand and it yields flowers all year round.

Design4: Proh Phew Nuan (Caulokaempferia saxicola K. Larsen C.B. Clarke) is a perennial plant that lasts for several seasons. It can grow on rocks or on other plants. The main stem is 7.5 to 20.5 centimetres high. Its cluster of deep yellowflowers is at the top of the stem. Each cluster consists of several flowers that bloom one by one. The sepals are connected to form tubes covered with velvety hair. The petals are in the form of narrow tubes, 2-2.5 centimetres in length with their ends split into three parts. Three are two inside petals of creamy yellow colour.

Quantity of stamps : 1,000,000 pieces
Composition : 20 stamps per sheet

Printing Process: Lithography Multi-colour
Designer : Parichart Thatsanatheb

Souvenir Sheet Price : 15.00 Baht
Quantity of S/Sheet : 1,000,000 Sheets

FDC Price : 22.00 Baht
Quantity of FDC : 15,000 covers

Presentation Pack Price: 32.00 Baht
Quantity: N/A
 Size : 29 x 24 m.m. (Horizontal)
 Printer : Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand

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