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National Children's Day 2020 Commemorative Stamps

National Children's Day 2020 Commemorative Stamps

National Children's Day 2020 Commemorative Stamps First Day Cover.

First Day Cover

National Children's Day 2020 Commemorative Stamps Full Sheet.

Full Sheet

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 Issue Name :

National Children's Day 2020 Commemorative Stamps

 Issue Date : 2020-01-11
 Perforation : n/a
 Denomination : 3 Baht (4 Designs)
 Details :

Beloved Pets

     Pets are like family members, growing together with our children. Raising animals is a way to instill in children a love animals, gentleness, generosity, loving kindness, self-appreciation and discipline. The following animals are some of the most popular pets.

Dogs are our loyal friends. Playing with them and touching their furs make children happy. Spending time with dogs also helps children develop their immunity system better than those children glowing up in a house with no pets. But if they are allegic to animal furs, it is better to adopt other kinds of animals.

Cats are our fluffy friends. Children are always happy when touching their silky, fluffy furs and make movements using small muscles while touching their four-legged friend gently. Moreover, spending time when a cat helps children develop a better ummunity system against allergies, much like spending time with a dog.

Fish are our little round-eyed friends. Looking at them swimminng here and there makes us cheerful and it is more enjoyable if we see theese little friends rais their heads to bite the food we have sprinkled. It is so exciting that we cannot stop feeding them.

Birds are our sweet-voiced friends. Their singing and flying movements make children enjoyable. It is even more fun if they can imitate human voices so our children never feel bored to watch them talk.

Designs: The cartoon characters of the girls and the boys with their pets

  • Design 1: The dog

  • Design 2: The golden fish

  • Design 3: The cat

  • Design 4: The parrot

  • Quantity of stamps: 500,000 pieces per design
    Sheet Composition: 10 stamps per sheet

    Printing Process: Lithography, Multi-colour
    Designer: Mr. Udorn Niyomthum (Thailand Post Co., Ltd.)

    FDC Price: 28 Baht
    FDC Quantity: -- covers
     Size : 31 x 31 mm.
     Printer : TBSP Public Company Limited

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