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80th Anniversary of General Post Office Building Commemorative Stamp

80th Anniversary of General Post Office Building Commemorative Stamp

80th Anniversary of General Post Office Building Commemorative Stamp First Day Cover.

First Day Cover

80th Anniversary of General Post Office Building Commemorative Stamp Full Sheet.

Full Sheet

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 Issue Name :

80th Anniversary of General Post Office Building Commemorative Stamp

 Issue Date : 2020-06-24
 Perforation : n/a
 Denomination : 3 Baht
 Details :

80th Anniversary of General Post Office Building

     King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) ordered the establishment of the "Post and Telegraph Department" which operated with stability and achieved steady growth. In 1927 the General Post Office was built and the old building of the British Consulate on Charoen Krung road was used. Later in 1935, a new building was constructed under supervision of Sarot Sukkhayang (Chief of Architecture Unit, Fine Arts Department) as the architect, Mew Aphaiwong as the architect assistant and H. Hermann as the German engineer. After the construction was completed, the opening ceremony was held on June 24, 1940.

     The General Post Office Building is constructed un a clean rectangular shape in the style of modern architecture with a combination of Neoclassicism and Functionalism. The structure of this 4-storey and T-shaped building with one underground floor is made of reinforced concrete. An exposed aggregate finish is used as the building's exterior wall with brick textures. This building is divided into three parts, which are the head, the middle and the tail of T-shaped building, with a big front porch in the center of the building decorated with stucco in the shape of Garuda. The sculptor who designed the simple-designed stucco decorations of the building was none other than Professor Silpa Bhirasri.

     The General Post Office functioned as the gateway of Thailand communication system from 1940 to 1985. It provided postal services including mail receiving, sorting and shipping. Apart from that, it also functioned as the operating station of many other telecommunication services in the past. The building area is divided into central telegraph office, a radio telecommunication office, a radio service center, a satellite broadcasting center, a Telex center, an international phone service office and a 24-hour contact center providing international phone service. There was also a public hall, in which international letter writing weeks were held every year and exhibitions about postal services were arranged for the public.

     The General Post Office was renovated by the Thailand Post Co., Ltd. in 2012 and completed in the following year. Today, the General Post Office has been standing the test of time for 80 years and has become a learning center where people come to learn and relive the past through this historic national heritage.

Design: General Post Office Building in watercolour painting.

Quantity of stamps: 400,000 pieces
Sheet Composition: 10 stamps per sheet

Printing Process: Lithography, Multi-colour
Designer: Mr. Thaneth Ponchaiwong (Thailand Post Co., Ltd.)

FDC Price: 14 Baht
FDC Quantity: -- covers
 Size : 48 x 30 mm. (Horizontal-measured from perforation to perforation)
 Printer : TBSP Public Company Limited

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