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Together We Fight Against COVID-19 Postage Stamps

Together We Fight Against COVID-19 Postage Stamps

Together We Fight Against COVID-19 Postage Stamps First Day Cover.

First Day Cover

Together We Fight Against COVID-19 Postage Stamps Full Sheet.

Full Sheet

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 Issue Name :

Together We Fight Against COVID-19 Postage Stamps

 Issue Date : 2020-08-14
 Perforation : n/a
 Denomination : 3 Baht (2 Desogns)
 Details :

Together We Fight Against COVID-19

     Since China Announced that it found coronavirus infected cases in Wuhan, Hubei Province in December 2019, the world was introduce to the new coronavirus 2019 for the first time. The virus can be spread from person to person through coughing, sneezing, or contacts with the infected secretions and can cause severe pneumonia or death. So far, it has taken away so many lives around the world. Thailand reported the first COVID-19 case of a Chinese woman from Wuhan on 12 January 2020. This was considered the first infected case outside China and has changed Thai people's lives ever since.

     During the coronavirus outbreak, many countries around the world have shut down their countries in order to keep their people safe. This has led to the shortage of medical necessities and economic crisis. Fortunately, when there crises, Thais never leave each other. In 2020, many cooperative projects were initiated by governmental and public agencies to help people who had been negatively effected by the pandemic, as well as medical staff to ensure their safety. Moreover, Thai people in general were aware of the crisis and thus learned to change their habits, such as wearing a face mask, washing hands, social distancing, working from home, as well as studying and meeting via online platforms. Most people have been working together to help reduce the spread of the virus, showing unity to overcome COVID-19.

Designs: The unique responses of all sectors in graphic designs present the preventions and the solutions to overcome the novel coronavirus disease 2019 situation.

  • Design 1: The health care providers' practices and the supports by Thailand Post's services

  • Design 2: The new normal practices, such as wearing masks and social distancing

  • Quantity of stamps: 400,000 pieces
    Sheet Composition: 10 stamps per sheet (different design)

    Printing Process: Lithography, Multi-colour
    Designer: Mr. Udorn Niyomthum (Thailand Post Co., Ltd.)

    FDC Price: 15 Baht
    FDC Quantity: -- covers
     Size : 48 x 30 mm. (Horizontal-measured from perforation to perforation)
     Printer : TBSP Public Company Limited

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